Bid Management: Partenarship between Smart AdServer & adomik

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Bid Management: Partenarship between Smart AdServer & adomik

Paris, January 14, 2015 – Smart AdServer, a premium integrated ad serving and RTB ad platform, and adomik, programmatic ad-revenue optimization solution, have announced a technology partnership.

This agreement brings publishers & ad networks using Smart Adserver’s RTB+ the opportunity to use, as a complement, adomik’s unique interface, to optimize their programmatic sales & revenue.
Thanks to this integration, publishers will be able to dynamically set the most effective floor prices, identify blocked campaigns with high revenue potential and get notified in real-time on the key factors affecting their revenue
In the meantime, they still keep full-control of their programmatic strategies thanks to Smart RTB+ holistic ad platform, and still benefit premium expertise & recommendation ensured by Smart AdServer team.

This integration is completely aligned with Smart AdServer’s mission, which consists in giving publishers control of their entire inventory, thanks to a complete transparency & understanding of their programmatic sales” Cyrille Geffray, Managing Director, Smart AdServer

“Combining adomik’s state-of-the art algorithms with Smart Adserver’s cross-device holistic solutions and worldwide reach constitutes a unique opportunity for all RTB+ clients” Nicolas Schueller, Founder and CEO at adomik

About Smart AdServer (
Created in 2001, Smart AdServer is a premium, integrated ad serving and RTB advertising platform.
It allows publishers to monetize all digitals channels, online, mobile and video. Thanks to its innovative technology and integrated, high quality service, Smart AdServer has already developed a loyal client base of over 400 users, located across 5 continents. It operates 10 offices worldwide covering Europe, North America and Latina America

About adomik(
Founded in 2012, adomik is a leader in programmatic ad-revenue optimization.
Adomik’s intuitive self-service platform puts Publishers and Networks in control, consistently delivering uplift in their programmatic revenues. adomik’s state-of-the-art heuristic algorithms, combined with business intelligence tools, dramatically increase profits by identifying new revenue opportunities and dynamically implementing optimal strategies.
Headquartered in Paris, adomik is present all over the world and recently opened an office in New York.
For more information, visit

Contact Smart AdServer: Céline Poindron – – Tel. +33 1 53 57 79 69
Contact adomik : Clotilde Rousseau – ­ Tél. : + 33 1 77 69 55 20

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